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2 1/2 yards of 108″ Quilt Backings fabric

is equal to 6 yards of 45-inch fabric?

108 inch Quilt Backing Advantages

    • Quilters will be able to complete their quilt project with less stress in addition to less time and less money, by using our seamless 108-inch Quilt Backing Fabrics
    • Customers will get 108 inches by 108 inches of seamless fabric when you purchase 3 yards of our 108-inch Quilt Backing Fabric
    • Our company can only ship to the lower 48 continental states
    • All Quilt Backings are made of 100% cotton
    • Machine wash cold and tumble dry

Wide Quilt Fabric for Your Large Quilt Backing

In our large collection of wide quilt backing fabrics, you can find what you are looking for in different colors, and designs.
Undoubtedly, with our seamless 108″ wide quilt fabrics, you will be able to fit most Queen or King size quilts.
In conclusion, no need to calculate how much fabric you will need.  Our backings come in 3-yard cuts and at a great price.
And a discount when you buy 3 or more packages.
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