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DID YOU KNOW, 1 1/4 yards of 108-inch Quilt Backing fabric is the same as 3 yards of 45-inch fabric.

108-inch Quilt Backing fabric will greatly reduce your time and effort. As you know, getting the seams straight on the back of your quilt can be a huge challenge. You will spend excess time and redundant work due to the hours you will spend on sewing and pressing the 45-inch fabric seams. In conclusion, you will be amazed how easy the 108-inch quilt backing fits with your new quilt.
All of our wide quilt backings are 100 percent cotton and are made by Choice Fabrics, Santee Prints, and other well-known companies.
108-inch Quilt Backings comes in a variety of colors and designs.  We bring these exciting new 108-inch fabrics to you at a great price.

108 inch Quilt Backing Advantages


  • Quilters will be able to complete their quilt project with less stress in addition to less time, by using our seamless 108-inch Quilt Backing Fabrics
  • Customers will get 108 inches by 108 inches of seamless fabric when you purchase 3 yards of our 108-inch Quilt Backing Fabric
  • 108-inch Quilt Backing marble colored Fabric is now only $45.00 for 3 yards
  • Our great tonal designed 108-inch Quilt Backing Fabric is now only $45.00 for 3 yards
  • Most of all, any Quilt Backing purchases of 3 yards or more, of the same or of different materials,  can use the coupon code


  • Our company will only ship to the lower 48 continental states
  • All Quilt Backings are made of 100% cotton


 You would need more than 8 yards of 45-inch wide fabric to finish the backing of a queen size or larger quilt!

  • Quilting Cotton
  • The dimensions of this fabric are 108” width, by the number of yards you order in length. For example, if you order 3 yards, your fabric will measure 108” x 108”. Also, this fabric is sold by the yard and cut to order
  • Machine Wash Cold / Tumble Dry Low